Scheduling Information

In the spring of every year, students of SciTech High currently in grades 9, 10, and 11 will be selecting their courses for the next school year.  

Central to our efforts here at SciTech High is the emphasis on rigor, relevance, and relationships, and our program of study has been developed for students to achieve mastery in core competencies as well as to broaden and enrich their understanding in those areas. To that end, as you review your student’s course selections, please keep in mind that it is our goal to raise the bar for our students, to challenge them as learners and to broaden their exposure to various fields of thought and study. In keeping with our STEM focus here at SciTech, we will also be scheduling our students into a fourth year of science in addition to the district-mandated four years of English and mathematics.

With regard to electives, students should be choosing alternates for their electives courses as there is no guarantee an elective offering will be run or if it will fit into a student’s schedule based on his/her core subject area needs and/or when those courses are being offered.

Also, all schedules will be reviewed by Ms. Rossi, Guidance Counselor, to insure that students have the necessary prerequisites and are taking the courses necessary to remain on track for graduation.

Please review the Course Catalog (accessed via the link to the left) and the ‘how to’ video (accessed by going to the ‘Sign In’ link at the top right of the screen and signing in using your Home Access ID).  Reviewing the Course Catalog and viewing the video first will make it easier for you to begin your dialogue with your student about his/her course selections.