SciTech Transcript Request

SciTech Transcript Request
SciTech Transcript Request Form 
Please remember to follow up with Mrs. Rossi to get you fee waiver signed.


1.Student Name*
As it appears in E-Schools and on any officail documents.
2.I am requesting the transcript for the following reason.
3.If you need the transcript mailed, please enter the College/ University and their address in this box.
Without an address to which to send the transcipt, the transcript will be held in the office for 5 days and then destroyed.
4.Have you applied online?*
5.Have you submitted payment?*
6.Have you submitted fee waiver?*
7.Sent your SAT scores from your College Board Account?*
8.Please check all of the items that need to be submitted for inclusion with your transcript.*
*Letter of Recommendation   
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Other, please specify what additional material will be needed.


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