Friends of Lisa Waller

Friends of the Lisa Waller Reading Room(FLWRR)


Mission Statement:

◦      To promote and maintain the reading room and continue to foster its growth.

◦      Train and staff the reading room.

◦      Continue to select new books for the reading room.

◦      Train staff members to assist in finding and returning overdue books.

◦      To continue our love of reading with monthly book club selections.

◦      Each month our members will read a different type/genre of book.

◦      Members will write a review of their book.

◦      Members will maintain several bulletin boards displaying the book reviews.

◦      Suggested genre’s

◦      Books to Films

◦      Graphic Novels

◦      Nonfiction

◦      Science Fiction

◦      Mystery/Suspense

◦      Historical Fiction

◦      Women Writers/Minority writers

◦      Award winners/classics

◦      To serve our school as we celebrate our love of reading.

◦      Club members will organize one fund raiser to benefit the reading room.