Senior Exit Interview

Senior Exit Interview
 Senior Exit Interview 
1. Full Name*
As it appears in E-schools, not you choosen name or nickname.
2. Name on Diploma*
Name as you would like to have it appear on your diploma, it may be your full legal name or an abbreviated form, but not your nickname.
3. Proposed College Major/ Career*
At this time I want to study/ be... 
4. After graduation I will be attending...*
(This is important because it will determine where the final, official transcript will be mailed)
*Four Year College   
Two Year College   
Technical School   
5. Please specify the name of the institution you plan on attending.*
College, Branch of the Military, Technical School, etc...
6. Enter the date that your FAFSA was completed.*
7. List any Scholarships completed as well as any that you have been awarded.*
8. What is your EFC (expected family contribution)?
9. Will you need your transcript send to NCAA for athletic clearinghouse? *

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